Thursday, 2 April 2015

Terry we will miss you.....

Happy new year every one shout!!
this year is going to be better no doubt.
January came and went, no sorrow for the family this month was well spent.
February came with birthdays galore, and a 90th birthday for Terry,
a mother and mother-in-law.

Alas she has dementia and doesn't understand,
why everyone is singing and clapping their hands.
The celebration seemed to much for her, as to her bed she took.
She couldn't keep her food down and quickly threw up.
The doctor was called and the family sent for, Terry,  the mother- (and in law) was ill,
the family around her no DNR along with no pill.

Her pain was numbed so she could sleep,
and everyone showed respect by adhering to her belief.
They called the chaplain, who gave her a blessing,
and told by the family if its time, then go, with no messing.

This lady is to be admired, reaching 90 years young, with thirteen children that she bore,
Sadly, her husband and five children went before her
For all she had forgot, the family that remain, she never lost that cheeky smile when mischief came her way.
A mam, a Grandma both great and greater, an aunt and a sister, a friend and a neighbour.

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