Friday, 30 October 2015

Happy Planet Accessories: Wow, what a week!

Happy Planet Accessories: Wow, what a week!:  Various stages in the construction of a new window display at Booboo & Ted The last three weeks have been extremely busy with our...  photo signature_zps4c3189d2.png

Monday, 26 October 2015

Happy Planet Creative Arts CIC: Happy Planet Creative Workshops

Happy Planet Creative Arts CIC: Happy Planet Creative Workshops: The printing workshop is aimed at anyone who would like to explore their own creativity, regardless of the skills they believe they ...  photo signature_zps4c3189d2.png
hello peeps.

Time flies by
weeks go awry
oh me oh my
big sigh...

What have I been up to!  let me think....... after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia life took a different route.

After years of thinking no one understands me, and being brushed aside, I finally have a name to call the invisible demon, that has caused me so much pain and distress over the years.

On the day of my diagnosis, my rheumatologist recommended the Newcastle Support group to me.  I didn't go directly as anxiety levels prevented this, but I did join the facebook group, and explored some of the links to get information.

I did eventually go to the Newcastle support group and it was lovely to meet new people, and see a familiar face or two.  Attending the group opened up new doors which I probably wouldn't have known about had I not have gone.

What doors!  I hear you say...well...I know some of you are going to say nooo when I tell you one door was exercise, yes... exercise.  How can we exercise when we are in so much pain!  Well we have the privilege to have Adam coaching us.  Adam aka The Fibro Guy is passionate about helping people with chronic fatigue and pain - invisible illnesses.

Following our work out we have an appointment with magic hands Jan who gives us a massage to help get rid of some of the knots that have us so tangled.

How many of my family and friends know what Fibromyalgia is?  I am hoping that the majority of them do......

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