Monday, 8 June 2015

All in the name of Love

My husband works at Beacon Hill school which was purpose built for children with special needs.  The staff and parents of the children, are amazing and always looking at ways to raise funds for the school.   Last year was the first sponsored walk in the Lake District up Scafell.  This was such a  good weekend and everyone who turned up enjoyed their time, so this year the consensus was to go to the Lakes again and do a different walk and/or the Dragon Boat race.The majority made the journey after work on Friday, pitching tents and parking camper- vans. It was a challenge trying to get some of the tents up, but the community spirit wasn't going to be defeated by a bit wind lol.  All tents up, a few bevvies for some and it was off to bed.

Up and ready for their walk and 1 woman and her dog (me) versus 10 tents and high velocity winds.  

Come back from loo and one tent being carried into barn including contents, first casualty.  Checking tents on way to ours and Ben does a Houdini out of his coat, went tearing across field stopping just  to look back with a look of glee on his face before tearing off again.. Captured Ben at the wall and we return to check tents.  Hooray the farmer came around with his hammer and spare pegs to help secure tents, this done and about to go in tent and yes Ben did another Houdini.. He didn't run this time he just explored behind the tents .. Finally crawl into tent shattered as hardly anyone had slept with the high winds.  I heard Julie, and her gang who arrived with the buffet for the everyone, shouting about tents, literally fell out of tent to go and help , just in time to see Carly and Ellen running after tent number 2 making a break for it complete with contents.  Another casualty for the barn...The fun continues... third tent hit the ground but didn't blow away so was grounded with weights while the food was unpacked and set up for the weary walkers, kettle on and booze at the ready for when news was broken about the fallen tents and the weather was about to change again with rain on the way. 

Too windy for the ducks to fly, walked through the camp

Uncertain if Dragon Boat Race going ahead, Ruth and Nikki H drove off to find out the verdict... It was a Yea, so buzzing with excitement everyone got into their groups of yellow and red, with ribbons being displayed in their hair or as arm bands and yellow or red stripes on their faces. All fed and watered everyone piled out of barn to board the minibus only to find the Dragon Boat race was cancelled...back to the barn just as the heavens opened. what to do... what to doo.... go home, stay in barn, kip in tent for another sleepless night or book into hotel, that were the options...News broken and decision made we would sleep in the barn..wohoo warm and dry (bonus). Party on... with team challenges in the barn with red and yellow teams, such a laugh and Ben was in his elements getting lots of cuddles and attention. games over and rain stopped it was off to the pub, dogs were allowed in and Ben showed everyone what we meant about his banshee squeal lol.... 

Butter wouldn't melt lol 

Pints drank and back to the barn in dribs and drabs, Ben being a good watch dog and barking when anyone came in the barn, even charged at Mark when he tried to get into tent lol ....
Morning breaks and the wind has died down and a bit of rain and then sunshine. Nice bacon butties and cups of tea all packed up and homeward bound, has certainly been a weekend to remember.....

I am so pleased I am getting anxieties under control which is enabling me to do and go to more places with Mark..

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Get Creative Challenge

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