Monday, 24 March 2014

Biltons Craft Fair - North Shields Fish Quay

Biltons Craft Fair - What's in there! I hear you say.


There is car boot traders and No its not all tat,
The majority is descent as a matter of fact..

Upstairs there is Cards, card making and paper flowers on show
There are cupcakes, a quilter, and jewelry too,
Beads and accessories waiting for you.
Button Art, and clothing, both vintage and new,
Gem stones, sweeties, and soaps are there too
All of them waiting, just for you.

If your up for a challenge then into the Cafe you go
and see if you can beat the winner of the big breakfast... not to be eaten slow...

The weather is getting better and the fresh sea air does you good, go for a walk along the sand if you would.
Stoke up some memories of when you were bairns
Sliding down the bank top and running up the stairs, phew... couldnt do it now

There's no fishy smell like when we were bairns, it all just empty lonely and bare.
The view is to be gawped at as you look up the tyne, which was once full of industry, fishing and twine.

My thoughts would be, go on, go down and see, pop up the stairs, and amazed you will be..

Tell all your family, friends and colleagues... come down to Biltons, have a nice cup of tea.

So what do you say, come and jolly us up, with memories of past and a chin wag or two.   Wed, Sat and Sundays too...

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Mothers Day

Lots and lots of things going on for you all for Mothers Day...

Emily Ward -  is a fantastic local Artist has some fantastic prints, your mother would love, as she has been inspired by her local roots to paint them.... Go on pop over and have a look, feel free to browse her website and ask Emily if you're not sure she will be more than happy to help.

Biltons Craft Fair - North Shields Fish Quay,
Please come along and see all the Happy Crafters UPSTAIRS  at work and play, Wed, Sat and Sunday.

Phoenix Cards -  I am just starting out with them and I can say they have some fantastic cards, which are great quality at a really great price - pop over to my site and have a browse you can purchase online, but if you would like to see them before purchasing give me a shout or pop down to Biltons Craft Fair -

I hope to see you there
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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Where has the time gone !!!

My poor blog has been sorely neglected, these past weeks, so I am taking a bit of time to give you all a quick update.

My two weeks course is now over and I feel like it has given me a lift, just to get out amongst people again has been a tonic.

My brother in law finally got his wish and is home with 24 hour care and it has given him a boost to be in his home environment,  and his wife can fuss over him all she wants.....

Taking a breath ....  so much to do and so little time to do it in lol ...

I have some new things happening on the horizon, which I hope will come to something... number 1 is that I will be back in crafters alley this weekend ...  excited !!!!

Aww look at the time got to go and take mam out and then off to crafty afternoon and getting some input, then pick little one up from school, then home ... take a breath and then carry on with sorting my plans out ....

Have a fantastic week people....

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Friday, 7 March 2014

What an eventful week.....

Phew... managed to get through my first week of training, which I must say I managed better than I had anticipated.

The group is great which was a bonus for me, helping me to relax and fit in, and the staff and Tutor have been supportive too.... big plus ...

I am now giving my head a rest...  no room at the inn haha....

Have a great week-end

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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Hello me lovelies

What a busy time I am having at the moment, with not much time for crafting.... :(

On the positive side my brother in law is still fighting the good fight and arrangements are being made to bring him home.

I have been actively looking for work, attending business seminars at the Business Factory, where I have met some new crafty people.

Last week was my birthday and this weekend hubbies so we have been celebrating but not in the alcoholic sense --- awww I hear you say --- don't worry I don't drink, and hubby didn't miss out on his bit alcoholic beverage, we enjoyed both our in our own way

I was invited by Gail to popped along to her studio @ Happy Planet Accessories, in North Shields, and was amazed at her talent with needle felting, she is also at Tynemouth Market on a Sunday - pop along.

Monday I was attending YMCA art and crafts with Emily Ward, who is very talented local artist, but due to other commitments haven't been able to go recently, but I am hoping to pop in again when I get some time, I can't thank Emily and her group enough as they helped me overcome some of my fears, allowing me to socialise in a small group again.

I am starting a two week course on Monday 3rd March for manufacturing and engineering, which I hope will help me, a bit further in going self employed in the craft market.

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